Product Quality

We conduct furniture tests internally before we launch them on the market. We carefully ensure that the products are safe and fit for the use.
Particular attention is placed on durability tests done on tables and desks. Tests are carried out to make sure they maintain their functionality when applying static and dynamic loads.
Since most of our products are sold through e-commerce websites and delivered by express couriers, “crash tests” are also very important. These tests are conducted in accordance to the European certifications (UNI ISO 11228 part 1 and 2) and follow NIOSH recommendations (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health); furthermore, they are aimed at making sure no damage occurs when handled by inexperienced personnel.


Tecnos is a company with an ethical and social commitment to protecting today’s environment and for generations. We commit to integrating environmental sustainability into our business processes.
We aim to be ecologically sound in all aspects and therefore to have the lowest possible environmental impact we make sure that all the phases of our products’ life cycle are “green”.
We are pleased to say that starting with the raw materials purchased to the packaging of our products, we are FSC® certificated which ensures environmental, social and economic benefits.




The main component of our products is melamine faced chipboard, which is a board made up of particles of wood assembled together through means of glue. Our panels and raw materials are 100% recyclable, free from toxic adhesives and they are E1 classified (low formaldehyde emission). This means that all melamine or lacquered panels must have emissions less or equal to 3,5 mg/mq h (UNI EN 717-2)